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Finding my voice

Hey everyone! It's been a while... Some of you have asked where I have been, and what I have been up to?

I've been really busy working in the studio. I've written produced a number of songs and albums for other artists over the last year or two, some of which include the Nr1. hit La La Lovely by Higgo ft. Daniel Baron, an EP for Andy Yasmine and some songs for the River Band. I've had a laser like focus on honing my songwriting, music production and engineering skills over the last season. The other thing I've been working on is myself, more specifically, finding my 'voice' or 'sound'. This has proven to be a long and challenging process. One which I have given up on. And that's not a bad thing you see... One thing we constantly do as creatives is try to define ourselves. This process of constant self evaluation and self criticism can lead to anxiety and crippling self doubt, which results in not creating, which results in more anxiety and crippling self doubt, which results in more non-creating, and so the downwards spiral continues until you question why you got into this thing called music in the first place. So I decided I'm done with labels. I'm done defining myself. I'm done trying to fit into a box. I have embraced the fact that I will always exist outside, above, in-between and through labels. I can be all of the elements that make up my being. I don't have to limit myself to one 'thing' or 'style'. I have become a genre bender. And this means freedom. Freedom to create what is on my heart. To say what I want to say and to mix instruments, sounds and vocals that some say 'shouldn't be mixed'. I mean, why can't I put a bluesy guitar riff on top of a 808 with a trap drum kit and a Wurlitzer? My musical heroes did it, and now it is time for me to. It is here in this mixing pot of elements that I have truly discovered my voice. So expect a lot more music from me this year. Lots of songs that bear my soul. Hopefully a collab or two as well. Songs that are different yet unmistakably me. Thanks for reading. Much Love J

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